Greatest Revelation I’ve Ever Know (English Version)

It was in warm afternoon, Qadarallah, I found a video form Da’wah is Easy, they try to convince a scientist atheist about the existence of God, therefore if God exist then Islam must be true. But, my point in this article not about that, I’ll tell you my greatest revelation I’ve ever know, at least for this time, because it answers one of my biggest question. So, brace yourself 🙂

For anything to happen or exist there must be a cause (i.e. someone or something that made it happen). Therefore there has to be an initial cause and that ’cause’ is The Creator (Almighty God)”. Atheist might be really knows this argument, it so-called Cosmological argument. Everything does have a beginning and, in fact, we now know that even the universe had a beginning. What they call the Big Bang Theory, and we would say the ultimate cause of everything is the creator. Now, of course, the question is, “Who made the creator happen ? or did He have a beginning as well ?”. What we would say to that is that He is outside our universe. He’s outside, therefore, our space and time frame. And if He is outside this universe, He is outside our space-time frame, then He doesn’t need a beginning, He just existed, because time is His creation.

Now, one of the thing is, you could think it’s just a cop out, It’s just an easy excuse. As people say, ” It’s the God of the gaps.” You know ? If you can’t explain something just say, “God did it”. Ok, well, we (Muslims) are not, we have got some rationale behind it. And that is this, Space and Time are linked together in this universe, as I’m sure you are aware, It’s called a space-time continuum. So, physicist say that the beginning of the universe wasn’t just the beginning, as The Big Bang Theory tell us, wasn’t just the beginning of matter from a singularity, but it was also the beginning of the laws of physics including time itself. And that is what the mathematics shows. That the beginning of the universe was the beginning of space and time. The point here is, from Muslim point of view or a theist point of view, is that a creator who made everything. Who made the Big Bang happen ? He is outside The Big Bang, therefore He is outside space, time frame, and He could be outside time altogether. Which means He doesn’t need a beginning, He doesn’t have a beginning, He just exists. Time also one of His creations.

I hope Muslims who read this article will increase their Imaan, while answering the question that Satan often whispers to our hearth that everything have beginning, so who created Allah ?. For atheist, if that sort of makes sense. It doesn’t prove God exists, but it gives rise to a possibility of a creator who doesn’t have a beginning.

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